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Make the world likeyaks.MaketheworldfallinlovewithShangri-La
World Natural HeritageOne of the main attractions of Shangri-La
One of the scenic spots with plateau characteristicsAAA-class tourist scenic spot
Yunnan Provincial Historical and Cultural CityThe best-preserved and largest group of Tibetans in China
The protector of the Tibetan people.The Dream World in the Heart of Shika Snow Mountain Herdsmen
Shangri-la has a clear blue sky, azaleas and mysterious and quiet Tibetan Buddhist temples. The snow-capped mountains in the distance are shining.A few years ago, the people of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture were surprised to find that the quiet area they lived in was surprisingly similar to the Shangri-La depicted in The Lost Horizon, Mofeizhanmusi. Is the scene in Hilton's novel set in Diqing?As a result, Shangri-La became the new title of Diqing, attracting curious tourists from home and abroad.
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Yak beef dry bar
Rip Yak beef
Yak beef
Yak gluten
Marinade Yak beef
Yak beef grains
Corporate Honor
Brand introduction

    Shangri-La Shengyu Tianxiang Yak Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in February 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is located in Shangri-La City, a specialty industrial area with an area of 43.62 acres and a total investment of 150 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinmei. The company was completed and put into production in July 2017.
The company has more advanced production equipment and testing equipment and R&D room, and cooperated with the Yunnan Agricultural University to set up an expert workstation, which is a college student internship practice base. In terms of resource reserves, it has cooperated with the largest Yak farming company in Diqing Prefecture to jointly develop and seek common development. The company has 206 employees and 20 professional and technical personnel. In order to meet the daily needs of consumers and pursue natural health care, and in keeping with the fashion of the times, the company continues to innovate on the basis of inheriting traditional formulas, combining modern science and technology and advanced equipment, and following the principle of "natural law". With high-quality raw materials, strict quality management system, the production of excellent quality, healthy "Holy Land Tianxiang" Yak food.
All transparent sightseeing production workshop, 9838 square meters of independent span plant. The production area adopts a fully tempered glass transparent building structure. The entire production process and process are all open to the public. Visitors can not only see how each product is produced around the entire process, but also understand the Yak's afterlife from the surrounding Yak cultural corridors. And culture. Once you enter the factory area, you can not only feel the delicious taste on the tip of the tongue, but also a different kind of industrial tourism trip. Shangri-la Shengyu Tianxiang Yak Industry Development Co. Ltd. carries the mission of Yunnan Yak Culture Promotion Center and has become one of Shangri-La's beautiful business cards.
The company's main development products: "Shengyu Tianxiang" brand Yak meat leisure series products include marinated Yak beef(gluten), Yak beef tendons, hand-torn Yak beef, Yak beef dried bar, crispy dried bar, spicy Yak beef, Yak beef Zaochang series, Yak beef meat shop series, And Yak beef cold fresh series, hot pot ingredients.
In the future development, the company will adhere to the service Micro, good quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction management policy, continuous development.

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